Gold Rates in Dubai, UAE – April 25, 2024

The latest gold rates in Dubai are as follows: 24-karat gold is priced at AED 281.25 per tola. In addition, the rates for other types of gold in different weights and purities are also provided. Live rates for gold in Dubai’s local markets fluctuate throughout the day according to international market changes.

Gold Prices in AED

Here’s a table summarizing today’s gold prices in Dubai:

Gold PurityPrice (AED)
24 Karat281.25 per tola
22 Karat260.50 per tola
21 Karat252.00 per tola
18 Karat216.00 per tola

Today’s Gold Prices in Dubai

Please note that gold prices in the UAE can change frequently due to shifts in the global market. Keep an eye on the latest local gold market rates for up-to-date pricing information.

For more details on current gold rates, visit Gold Rates Today in Dubai.

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