Hyundai Nishat Increases Price of H-100 Porter Pickup by PKR 200,000

Hyundai Nishat has announced an increase in the prices of its H-100 Porter pickup trucks by PKR 200,000, effective from July 2024. This price adjustment deviates from the recent industry trends and is reflective of the changing market conditions.

New Price Range

The new prices for different variants of the H-100 Porter pickups are as follows:

VariantPrevious Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)
H-100 Porter Pickup38.39 lac40.39 lac
H-100 Porter Pickup39.89 lac41.89 lac

Reasons for Price Increase

Hyundai Nishat attributes this price adjustment to evolving market conditions, aiming to maintain long-term competitiveness and fair pricing. While the increase may affect some customers, the company stresses its commitment to providing stability in passenger vehicle prices and addressing any misinformation in the market.

Company Assurance

Hyundai Nishat reassures customers about the stability and competitive value of its offerings, emphasizing that despite the price increase, the company remains focused on offering quality products and services. The adjustment reflects a balance between market demands and the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


While the price increase in the H-100 Porter pickup trucks may raise some concerns among customers, Hyundai Nishat remains confident in the value its vehicles provide. The company aims to uphold its reputation for quality and fair pricing as it navigates changing market dynamics.

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