Jeddah Tower: Saudi Arabia’s Upcoming Icon to Surpass Burj Khalifa’s Record

Recent reports suggest that the under-construction “Jeddah Tower” in Saudi Arabia is poised to take the title of the world’s tallest building from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Once completed, Jeddah Tower is expected to rise to over 1 kilometer in height, making it the first-ever structure to reach such an elevation.

The tower is designed to accommodate various functions, including corporate offices, luxury residences, and upscale hotels. Additionally, it will offer the world’s highest observation deck.

Architectural Features

  • Design: The tower features a unique three-petal footprint designed to optimize aerodynamics and minimize wind load.
  • Structural Stability: The design ensures safety and stability for the building’s occupants.
  • Vertical Transportation: Advanced lift systems, including a high-speed elevator reaching 10 meters per second, provide efficient transport throughout the structure.

Jeddah Tower symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation and reshaping modern city skylines.

Comparison of Jeddah Tower and Burj Khalifa

FeatureJeddah TowerBurj Khalifa
HeightOver 1 kilometer828 meters
FunctionalityOffices, residences, hotelsOffices, residences, hotels
Observation DeckHighest in the worldYes
Elevator Speed10 meters per second10 meters per second
Architectural DesignThree-petal footprintTapering spiral shape


As construction advances, Jeddah Tower promises to revolutionize architectural standards and redefine the skyline of modern cities. Its innovative design and height set new records, showcasing Saudi Arabia’s ambition in the field of architectural development.

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