Dubai Unlocked: 17,000 Pakistanis Own $11 Billion Worth of Properties in Dubai

The “Dubai Unlocked” investigation has unveiled significant findings regarding property ownership in Dubai, highlighting the involvement of numerous prominent Pakistani individuals.

Key Findings

The investigation, conducted by the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, reveals:

  • Ownership Details: 17,000 Pakistanis own 23,000 residential properties in Dubai, collectively valued at $11 billion.
  • Prominent Individuals: The leaked data identifies several high-profile Pakistani individuals, including political figures and those facing sanctions or legal issues.

Investigation Highlights

  • Comprehensive Probe: The investigation provides detailed information about property ownership in Dubai, exposing the names behind numerous properties.
  • Scrutiny and Reactions: Some individuals mentioned in the leaked documents have faced scrutiny, while others have offered explanations for their property ownership.
  • Public and Official Response: The revelations have sparked significant discussion among Pakistani officials and the public, raising questions about the timing and intentions behind the release of these documents.


  • Legal and Financial Assessments: The leaked data represents a fraction of the assets held by Pakistanis abroad. Tax authorities and regulatory bodies may need to assess the legal and financial aspects of these holdings.
  • Future Investigations: As more details emerge, the investigation is expected to fuel further debates and inquiries into the extent of offshore assets held by Pakistani individuals.


The “Dubai Unlocked” investigation sheds light on the substantial property investments of Pakistanis in Dubai, amounting to $11 billion. These revelations not only uncover the extent of these holdings but also prompt discussions about legal, financial, and regulatory implications. As the investigation continues, it is likely to drive further discourse on offshore assets and their broader impact.

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