Kia’s EV6 Gets Larger Battery and New Look

Kia’s innovative electric vehicle, the EV6, is receiving a substantial update in its home market of Korea. The refreshed EV6 is set to debut next month in Korea, with availability in other markets to follow soon after.

Key Updates and Features

Exterior Design

  • Futuristic Aesthetic: The updated EV6 takes design cues from its sibling, the EV9, featuring angular headlights that give it a dynamic and sleek look.
  • Trim Levels: Both the standard model and the EV6 GT-Line will be available. The GT-Line features a distinctive front light bar.
  • Wheel Options: New 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels are added to the lineup.
  • Updated Bumpers: Both trim levels showcase updated bumper designs, while the overall profile remains largely unchanged.

Interior Enhancements

  • Steering Wheel and Screens: The cabin now includes a new three-spoke steering wheel and an updated frame for the dual screens.
  • Fingerprint Authentication: A fingerprint authentication system has been introduced for added security and convenience.
  • Heads-Up Display and Rearview Mirror: A 12.0-inch heads-up display and a digital rearview mirror are now part of the standard features.
  • Center Console: The glossy piano black trim has been removed from the center console, addressing previous feedback about its tendency to show fingerprints.

Performance and Safety Improvements

  • Battery Upgrade: The EV6 now boasts a larger battery, although specific details on the new capacity are yet to be disclosed.
  • Safety Features: The vehicle includes second-row side airbags and thicker B-pillars to enhance body rigidity.
  • Comfort Enhancements: Quieter electric motors and refined shock absorbers have been incorporated to improve ride comfort.
  • Sound Insulation: Enhanced sound insulation materials around the rear motor contribute to a quieter cabin environment.

Market Performance and Outlook

Since its debut in 2021, the Kia EV6 has achieved impressive sales, surpassing 210,000 units globally. Kia aims to maintain this momentum by introducing these mid-cycle updates, ensuring that the EV6 remains at the forefront of innovation and performance.


The refreshed Kia EV6, with its new look and upgraded features, is set to continue its success in the electric vehicle market. By enhancing both the exterior design and interior comfort, as well as improving performance and safety features, Kia demonstrates its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The upcoming debut in Korea, followed by other markets, is highly anticipated by enthusiasts and potential buyers alike.

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