Solar Panel Systems Now Affordable: Sindh Government’s Initiative with World Bank

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable energy solutions, the Sindh government, in partnership with the World Bank, is set to offer complete solar systems at the incredibly low price of Rs7,000. This initiative aims to revolutionize access to electricity for households throughout the province, particularly in rural and underserved areas.

Affordable Solar Solutions

These affordably priced solar systems are designed to power essential household appliances, including a fan and three LED bulbs. This setup ensures basic lighting and improved ventilation, addressing key household needs and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Key Details of the Initiative:

  • Cost: Rs7,000 per solar system.
  • Coverage: 200,000 solar systems to be distributed across Sindh.
  • Allocation for Karachi: 50,000 systems.
  • Components Included: Solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries.
  • Launch Date: October.
  • District Allocation: 6,656 systems per district.

Extensive Distribution Plan

The project plans to distribute a total of 200,000 solar systems throughout Sindh, with a significant allocation of 50,000 systems dedicated to Karachi. This distribution strategy underscores the government’s commitment to bridging the energy gap and promoting sustainable energy practices.

Funding and Future Expansion

Funded by a $32 million investment from the World Bank, this ambitious project not only aims to provide immediate relief to energy-starved regions but also sets the stage for future expansions. The potential for extending this initiative suggests a sustained effort to develop sustainable energy infrastructure in Sindh.

National Movement Towards Renewable Energy

This initiative aligns with similar efforts across Pakistan, such as the Punjab government’s plan to provide free solar systems to 50,000 households. These coordinated efforts reflect a national push towards adopting renewable energy sources and reducing dependence on traditional power grids.


Offering solar panel systems at just Rs7,000 in Sindh represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of affordable and eco-friendly electricity solutions. This initiative promises a brighter and more sustainable future for communities across the region, showcasing the power of collaboration between government and international organizations in addressing critical energy needs.

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