Bridging the Gender Gap: Zong 4G’s Role in Empowering Women in Pakistan

The burgeoning small business sector in Pakistan holds immense potential for the country’s economic growth. However, many small businesses face significant challenges, primarily due to limited resources for marketing and promotion. Women-led small businesses, in particular, often struggle to expand due to these constraints.

Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

Despite the power of social media to build brand identities, small businesses frequently find it difficult to effectively market their products. The cost of advertising across social media platforms can be prohibitive, and reliance on algorithms does not always yield favorable results for business owners.

The Role of Larger Organizations

Larger organizations can play a crucial role in supporting small businesses by providing resources that are otherwise inaccessible to business owners. This support can foster goodwill and establish a stronger connection between society and these organizations, positioning them as integral parts of the community.

Zong 4G’s Initiative

Zong 4G has taken a pioneering step in empowering women-led small businesses in Pakistan. The company collaborated with five women-led businesses: Northy Natural, Bellizi by Farah, MamaMia Meals,, and Scented Stories Candles. These businesses, despite their growth potential, lacked the marketing resources needed to expand.

Collaboration with Dr. Urooj

To address this, Zong 4G engaged Dr. Urooj, a renowned influencer in Pakistan, to introduce a five-episode series on Instagram. In this series, Dr. Urooj reviewed the products and services offered by each business, shared their inspiring backstories, and encouraged her followers to support these businesses.

  • Northy Natural: A business focused on natural and organic products.
  • Bellizi by Farah: A brand offering unique and stylish fashion items.
  • MamaMia Meals: A service providing home-cooked meals.
  • An online shopping platform.
  • Scented Stories Candles: A business specializing in handcrafted scented candles.

Dr. Urooj’s involvement was pivotal. With her significant Instagram following and reputation for brand promotions, she provided these businesses with substantial exposure, leading to increased sales and growth.

Zong 4G’s Commitment to Inclusive Growth

Zong 4G’s initiative is part of its ‘Inclusive Growth’ sustainability pillar, which focuses on marginalized communities. The company is committed to the social and economic advancement of these communities through dedicated efforts and volunteer support.

Impact of the Initiative

This initiative exemplifies how an organization can uplift small businesses by leveraging its resources. By supporting women-led businesses and promoting their products through a well-known influencer, Zong 4G has demonstrated its dedication to the betterment of society and the empowerment of individuals within the community.


Zong 4G’s support for women-led small businesses in Pakistan highlights the significant impact that larger organizations can have on the growth and success of small enterprises. By providing essential marketing resources and leveraging the influence of social media personalities like Dr. Urooj, Zong 4G has empowered these businesses, contributing to their development and the broader goal of gender equality in the business sector. This initiative not only boosts the economic potential of these businesses but also reinforces Zong 4G’s commitment to inclusive growth and community support.

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