Samsung Galaxy S21 Latest PTA Tax & Price in Pakistan 2024

Samsung continues to lead the Android market with its advanced mobile technology, maintaining strong competition with Apple’s flagship products. Despite the introduction of newer models, the Samsung Galaxy S21 remains popular in Pakistan due to its high-quality hardware and up-to-date software.

Market Overview

Samsung devices are priced at a premium in Pakistan, largely due to various taxes imposed by the authorities. These include customs duties, sales tax, and withholding tax, which vary depending on the smartphone’s value and type. Despite higher prices compared to Chinese brands, Samsung maintains a significant market share.

Samsung Galaxy S21 PTA Tax in Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) imposes taxes on mobile devices, and these taxes differ when calculated based on a passport or CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

PTA Tax for Samsung Galaxy S21

ModelPTA Tax (Passport)PTA Tax (CNIC)
Samsung S21Rs 107,300Rs 130,850
Samsung S21+Rs 129,550Rs 155,250
Samsung S21 UltraRs 137,600Rs 164,150

Samsung Galaxy S21 Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is available in a price range of Rs 70,000 to Rs 110,000. Prices can vary based on factors such as the condition of the phone (new or used), storage capacity, and place of purchase. For the most accurate and up-to-date prices, it is recommended to check local markets or e-commerce platforms.

Example Prices from Local Markets and E-commerce

ConditionPrice Range (Rs)
NewRs 100,000 – Rs 110,000
UsedRs 70,000 – Rs 90,000


The Samsung Galaxy S21 remains a favored choice among consumers in Pakistan, despite the premium prices driven by extensive taxes. Samsung’s dominance in the market is reinforced by the quality and innovation of its devices. For the latest prices, potential buyers should refer to trusted local markets or online platforms.

By understanding the PTA tax implications and keeping an eye on market prices, consumers can make informed decisions when purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S21 in Pakistan.

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