Cooking Oil and Ghee Prices Drop in Pakistan: Check Latest Rates

In a relief to inflation-weary individuals, the prices of all brands of ghee and cooking oil have dropped in Pakistan. This reduction follows recent cuts in petrol and diesel prices, providing some financial relief to consumers facing record-high prices.

Recent Price Reductions

  • Brand A Cooking Oil: Reduced by Rs 75, now priced at Rs 525 per liter.
  • Brand A Ghee: Reduced by Rs 25.
  • Brand B Ghee and Cooking Oil: Reduced by Rs 70, now priced at Rs 380 per liter.

Current Prices of Popular Brands

Here are the latest prices for various brands of cooking oil and ghee in Pakistan:

BrandQuantityPrice (Rs)
Dalda1 KG690
Habib1 KG690
Meezan1 KG580
Dalda3 KG2049
Habib5 KG1950
Meezan5 KG100
Dalda5 KG3350
Habib5 KG3450
Meezan5 KG4550
Dalda10 KG6800
Meezan10 KG7950


The reduction in cooking oil and ghee prices provides a much-needed respite for consumers in Pakistan. As inflation continues to impact daily living costs, these price drops are a welcome development. Consumers should stay informed about current prices and take advantage of these reductions to manage their household budgets more effectively. For the most accurate and up-to-date prices, it is advisable to check with local retailers and e-commerce platforms.

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