Pakistan’s Unwavering Love for Tea


Language, festivals, foods, music, sports, traditions, and even clothes are elements that unite nations worldwide. Pakistan, a land of multiple languages, traditions, and ethnicities, is no exception. According to CLEAR Global, there are between 70 to 80 different languages spoken in Pakistan. From the bustling streets of Karachi to the busy roads of Lahore, the route to Princess of Hope in Hingol National Park, and the serene valleys of Swat, one common thread unites Pakistanis: chai (tea). Tea is an integral part of daily life, woven into the fabric of Pakistani culture.

The Nation’s Love for Tea

In 2021, the love for tea among Pakistanis was quantified, with consumption estimated at 3,000 cups per second. Despite being a numerical figure, this statistic is significant given Pakistan’s population of over 240 million people, with 59% of adults aged 15-64. A typical Pakistani, regardless of social class, consumes at least three cups of tea daily. Tea starts mornings, fuels conversations, and provides comfort during quiet moments.

The Rhythm and Jingle That Took Us All

Tea’s integration into Pakistani culture extends to music. The melodious tone of “Dil Dil Pakistan” by Vital Signs has ignited patriotic fervor since 1985. Jingles evoke nostalgia, cultural pride, and stronger bonding. One iconic jingle that symbolizes Pakistan’s love affair with tea is Lipton’s “Chai Chahiye, Konsi Janab,” aired in the 1970s. This catchy tune has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the universal appeal of tea.

Another memorable tune is Supreme Ishq, narrating Emperor Jahangir’s love for Anarkali. This song, with zero brand integration, struck a chord with viewers, enhancing their passion for Supreme tea.

Lipton and Supreme – The Brands Behind the Magic

Lipton and Supreme are iconic brands fueling Pakistan’s tea love. Lipton, established in 1948, a year after Pakistan’s independence, has continually adapted to consumer preferences. Now owned by CVC Capital Fund VIII, Lipton Pakistan Limited blends international quality with local taste. This approach has allowed Lipton to offer premium tea that resonates with Pakistani traditions.

Strengthening Diplomatic Ties and Local Economies

Lipton Teas and Infusions have strengthened Pakistan’s diplomatic ties with Kenya, a major tea source. The tea sourced from Kenya undergoes meticulous processing to create blends catering to Pakistani tastes. This partnership fosters international cooperation and brings quality tea to Pakistani homes.

Lipton Pakistan Limited provides livelihoods to over 1,300 people and supports hundreds more through partnerships with vendors and suppliers. This commitment to economic empowerment underscores Lipton’s dedication to Pakistan.

A Promising Future

Looking ahead, Lipton Pakistan Limited is poised to continue its legacy of excellence, serving Pakistanis with the finest tea blends. The company remains focused on quality and community, ensuring every morning starts with a refreshing cup of tea.


Lipton and Supreme are more than just brands; they are integral parts of Pakistan’s tea story. They have created memorable moments, strengthened international ties, and supported local economies. As Lipton Pakistan Limited moves forward, it remains dedicated to delivering the perfect cup of tea to every Pakistani home, refreshing mornings, and fueling active days.

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