Pakistan Army Successfully Launches Fatah-II Guided Rocket System

The Pakistan Army has completed a successful training launch of the Fatah-II guided rocket system, showcasing advanced features and a remarkable range of 400 kilometers.

Key Features of the Fatah-II Rocket System

  • Range: 400 kilometers
  • Navigation: Advanced navigation features for precise targeting
  • Trajectory and Maneuvering: Unique trajectory and maneuvering capabilities to evade missile defense systems

The Fatah-II system is designed to be integrated within the army’s artillery divisions, significantly enhancing Pakistan’s ability to engage distant targets with precision.

Launch Event

The launch event, attended by esteemed military officials and scientists, marks a significant advancement in Pakistan’s defense capabilities. The successful launch demonstrates the effectiveness of the Fatah-II system and its strategic value.

Official Acknowledgment

Following the successful launch, the President, Prime Minister, and other key figures extended their congratulations to the troops and scientists involved. This acknowledgment highlights the importance of this achievement for Pakistan’s defense sector.

Previous Achievements

This successful training launch follows a prior triumph where the Army conducted a successful flight test of the Fatah-II missile system. These consistent achievements affirm the system’s technical specifications and performance attributes.


The successful launch of the Fatah-II guided rocket system underscores Pakistan’s commitment to bolstering its defense infrastructure and maintaining a leading edge in military innovation. This development is a testament to the country’s dedication to advancing its defense capabilities and ensuring national security.

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