First Shipment of “King of Fruits” Mangoes Reaches UAE from Pakistan

The first batch of Pakistani mangoes has successfully reached the UAE, marking the beginning of the mango season. Despite inflation and increased shipping costs leading to higher prices, the demand for these mangoes remains robust.

Details of the Shipment

Mustafa Altaf, the managing director of a trading company, reported that the Pakistani government permitted the start of mango exports on May 20, 2024. The current price for a 6 kg box of Sindhi mangoes ranges between 28-30 dirhams.

Market Conditions and Challenges

Increased Costs

  • Inflation: General inflation has contributed to the rise in prices.
  • Shipping Costs: Higher shipping costs have also impacted the final price of the mangoes in the UAE market.

Climate Change Impact

  • Lower Production: Climate change has adversely affected the production levels of mangoes in Pakistan. Despite this, the quality and demand for these mangoes remain high.

Market Reception and Quality Commitment

Demand in the UAE

Pakistani mangoes, often referred to as the “King of Fruits,” enjoy immense popularity in the UAE. The arrival of these mangoes is eagerly anticipated each year by consumers who relish their delicious and sweet taste.

Commitment to Quality

Mustafa Altaf emphasized the dedication of Pakistani mango growers and exporters to meet the high demand while maintaining top quality. Ensuring customer satisfaction is crucial for the continued success of future exports.

Managing Increased Costs

Altaf’s company is actively working to manage the increased costs and guarantee that the mangoes reach consumers in the best possible condition. The sustained enthusiasm for these mangoes, despite higher prices, underscores their importance and popularity in the UAE market.


The arrival of the first shipment of Pakistani mangoes in the UAE is a positive development, highlighting the strong demand and popularity of these fruits. Despite facing challenges like inflation, increased shipping costs, and the impact of climate change on production, the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains a priority for Pakistani growers and exporters. This dedication ensures that the “King of Fruits” continues to delight consumers in the UAE year after year.

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